Top tips for selling your iPhone on eBay

eBay is a multibillion pound global ecommerce empire with digital footprints in every country around the world. Dubbed “the world’s largest online marketplace”, eBay has assets worth over £25 billion and its online ecommerce platform recorded $9.6 billion (£7.26 billion) in sales in 2017. Since its founding in 1995, thousands of its sellers have become multimillionaires, and tens of thousands more have turned eBay into regular employment.


You’re probably already asking questions like “How to sell my mobile for best price?” However, before you start to think about that, you need to get the basic right first in order to have a successful listing. And wouldn’t you know it, we’ve prepared a quick checklist to help you get started. Remember, if you get the basics right, you could repeat the process with other sales in the future.



1. Research the market


The easiest way to turn away potential customers is by pricing your phone way above market rate. Avoid this by researching the market first. Use the search filter to find a listing similar to yours. Also look at completed sales to see the selling price. Remember to note down the prices and any features that stands out. By the time you’re done, you will be able to set a competitive price for your iPhone.


Once you’ve done that, go one step further and include one low-cost free gift. This little extra, which shouldn’t cost more than a few pence, will keep your listing in the minds of prospective buyer.


2. Key words


You don’t have to master the art of search engine optimisation to succeed on Paypal, but you should make things easier for PayPal’s search engine and Google. Write a strong title for your listing which should allow customers to identify your product at a glance. For instance, “iPhone 6 32GB – 1 year old, fantastic condition, no scratches. Free gift included.”


Next, spend all the time you need to write the product description. It should have all the specifications of the phone. Copy what you need from the official website. This serves two functions – a reference for your customer, and a bait for search engines.


Include a little anecdote at the end of the description. For instance, “Really love this phone. Even my son loves watching videos on it. But I already have a new phone, hence why I need to sell this.” This simple explanation will give potential customers all sorts of assurance over the quality of the phone.


3. High Quality Images


Include at least half a dozen high definition images of your phone from multiple angles to demonstrate its external condition to customers. Use a clean background (preferably white) to make sure the images pop out. And please remember to watermark the images to prevent other sellers from using it.


4. Be responsive


Be responsive to any messages from prospective customers. Be as honest as possible with your answers. Successful sellers on eBay love personal messages from customers because it gives them the opportunity to close the sale directly. Learn from them, and try to seal the deal with the customer in your communication.


There you have it. It will be a massive shock if you fail to sell your iPhone if you follow all the steps above.