Preparing your iPhone for a sale

Instead of asking “Where can I sell my phone?”, the better question you should be asking is, “How should I prepare my phone for a sale?”.


We’re so glad you asked. A lot of people take the preparation aspect for granted, and as a result, they end up exposing themselves to unnecessary risks and inconvenience. So, please check out our quick guide below to get you started on the right path.


Image courtesy of Pixabay


Step 1: Back it up


If you’re already using iCloud, chances are, your phone is already backed up in the cloud. However, just to be certain, go to the iCloud settings and confirm whether the option has been turned on. If you failed to do this, you run the risk of losing many important data and files – not to mention you will have to reinstall all your apps in the new phone.


Step 2: Log out


The next step involves logging out from all of your accounts such as the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and discussion boards (Reddit, forums, etc.) Remember to log out of all Apple services as well including iCloud, iTunes, iMessenger, etc. Not only this prevents accidental access into your account, it will also ensure there are no login conflicts in future. Last but not least, remove all your wireless profiles from the phone.


Step 3: Unpairing


Unpair your iPhone from all devices, Apple or otherwise. That includes Apple Watch, EarPods, Bluetooth speakers, printers, etc. Most small electronic accessories are not sophisticated, so if you leave them pair to an absent device, you might have issues when trying to pair them with a new phone in the future.


Step 4: SIM and Memory Cards


This might seem obvious to many, but a lot of people forget to remove their SIM Card and (especially) memory card when selling their phone. It most cases, they managed to recover the phone after a great deal inconvenience. However, they have inadvertently exposed themselves to being hacked during the period.


Step 5: Factory Reset


A phone accumulates all sorts of personal information during use. Whether from apps or browser, there is a huge amount of data which any experience hacker can extract in just a little time. While you can attempt to eliminate your digital footprint by uninstalling each app and removing the cache, a superior solution exists – reset your phone back to its factory status. This method will remove all traces of you from the phone.


Now, that wasn’t so hard, was it?