Hot tips when selling your mobile phone

Selling a used mobile phone is a complicated mixture of art and science. It takes a long time and many tries to fully master its intricacies. For many, this is not practical, which leads to many inexperienced sellers ending up being short-changed through no fault of anyone. After all, business is business, and if you agree to a lopsided deal, there is no one to blame.


Nevertheless, there are many helpful resources available online, including on this website. If you are wondering “How to sell my mobile for best price”, then please check out our hot tips below on how to make the most money from your phone, safely.



1. Reputation


The anonymity of the internet means reputation matters a lot. There are plenty of honest businesses online, so really don’t have to conduct a deal, no matter how good, with companies with zero footprint online or plenty of questionable feedbacks from former customers.


2. Be firm


Online recycling and price comparison companies are known for one notorious trick. They will offer you a good price at the start, and once the item reaches them, they will reduce their offer claiming the item has too much wear and tear. If this happens to you, decline the offer and ask them to send the phone back at their cost. These companies will typically go back to their original price after that.


3. Too good to be true


If an offer sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Don’t be blinded by greed.


4. Clean your phone


A dirty phone with smudges on the screen, caked dirt on divider lines and the border of the speakers, as well as torn pouches will look exactly like that online. Customers usually will avoid buying such phones if there are other options. Even when they do, the terrible first impression will depress the sales price. So take the effort to thoroughly clean your phone. Replace the pouch if you can. Otherwise, throw it away.


5. Don’t sell near new product launches


Prices of used phones will drop by as much as 20% in the one month leading to and the month after the launch of a new phone model (same brand as yours). So avoid listing your phone for sale during this period.


6. Time of the year


The prices of electronic devices tend to go up during festive season and will eventually peak shortly before Christmas. Conversely, their prices traditionally drop in January and February and during school holidays.


7. Hunt for the best offer online


If you spend no more than two minutes at one website, you could get price quotations from at least thirty buyers within an hour – more than enough to help you make a decision. It’s worth noting that buyers which usually offer the best prices for phones tend to be larger organisations like CeX, O2 and Envirofone.


While brief, this crash course will definitely help you get a better deal for your phone. Good luck!